There are a lot of options one could choose for their wedding ceremony and reception venues, and they all have their advantages and disadvantages. You could choose a hotel, a private residence, the beach, or a church, but one of our new favorites is at a library or museum. If you’d like to hit two birds with one stone, think about the Heritage Museum of Orange County. It was designed to emulate a 19th century country estate, with several Victorian buildings and a variety of beautiful gardens.

The Victorian buildings at this venue provide an amazing backdrop for wedding photos. As an added bonus, the staff were unusually gracious and helpful. They allowed us as much time as we liked, as well as access to any part of the house. The combination of a beautiful setting and friendly staff is the perfect storm for amazing wedding pictures.

If you like the idea of an outdoor reception, the Heritage Museum is a great pick. Usually outdoor receptions can be a little challenging for us photographers due to low light conditions, but at this venue, there is lots of light even outdoors at night. Strings of round bulbs provide enchantment for the wedding guests while they dine and dance the night away.

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